Advisory Services

Advisory Services

There really isn’t any substitute for experience.  Advisory Services from Columbia Compensation Consulting Inc. can provide specific expert counsel for you, your executive team or be employed on retainer to have expertise on call.

Everyone is facing similar issues with human resources; a multi-generational workforce, a shortage of qualified talent, motivation and retention of the most valuable employees.  Frequently the most effective applications of rewards elements aren’t the same ones that everyone else uses, they are the ones that are part of your distinct human resource strategies around engagement and development, succession planning, performance management and having a deeper understanding of the workforce.  This was called “mass customization” a few years ago.

Beyond the core compensation consulting services of Columbia Compensation Consulting, you’ll find significant additional capability leading compensation-related planning for acquisitions, and increasing understanding of your labor costs and organizational design with workforce analytics.




Examples of Advisory Services


Organization and job family design to align with business strategy and simplify delivery and development of pay programs.

Key employee identification and design and alignment of retention and transition plans.

Due diligence for acquisitions in compensation and collaboration to create overall HR integration plans.

Review of pay philosophy and competitive pay levels.

Workforce Analytics

Multi variable analysis to understand and predict the factors that drive top performance.

Opportunity analysis of your compensation structure and programs to identify cost savings that can decrease your labor costs.

Pay program/strategy alignment and performance.

Interpretation of Comptryx and Radford surveys to maximize your value.

Process and Policy

Examination of existing policies for balancing effectiveness and culture.

New policy development.

Process review or creation to support special or annual cycle programs such as merit, ongoing stock or bonus plans.

Custom worksheet models to facilitate rewards planning by managers.

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