Base Pay Competitiveness

Base Pay Competitiveness

For the majority of your employees, base salary is the most prominent part of your total rewards strategy.  It is also probably the greatest fixed expense found on your P&L statement or in the annual budget.  And unless your revenues are growing faster than your expenses, your CFO and CEO are watching that closely every month.

What has your strategy been to ensure that you are getting the best return on that significant investment?  Are you realizing the promise of your compensation philosophy?  Are you managing to balance competitive pay with internal equity?  What did your last employee survey tell you?

I can help you increase the engagement of your employees with competitive and equitable program designs ensuring you are getting the value and the promise of your pay philosophy and strategy.


Base Pay Compensation Consulting Services

Creation or renewal of philosophy, strategy and principles.New or updating salary structures.Base salary and total target cash gap analysis. Related Services

Audit for alignment with other HR and business strategies.Market alignment and data analysis.Promotions modeling.
Improved quality, reliability and credibility of your market data.Salary survey selection and comparator company review.Program Design and costing.
Key Employee retention analysis.Custom program design.