Communications & Education

Communications & Education

It goes almost without saying that your sales and marketing function understands the importance of communicating to your customers the features and benefits of your products or services because they want people to make informed decisions to buy.  But even the best designed products communicated poorly are going to be perceived negatively.

It’s the same for your compensation programs.  For example, if your employees understand the mechanics of their pay but don’t understand the linkage to the business strategy, you are losing significant engagement and performance value.

It’s not the value of the rewards themselves that gives you the greatest payback, it’s what is communicated, by whom and how.

Communications & Education Services

Develop communications and training materials to increase employee understanding and management accountability for pay.Design and deliver manager training on any compensation subject to enhance understanding and effectiveness.
Mentor your compensation and HR team.Create communications, training and program implementation plans.
Consultation on internal or external web site content.