Executive Compensation

Executive Compensation

When I first saw 3-D chess I was taken aback. I knew how to play chess, but I couldn’t imagine trying to manage a game plan and strategy for winning the game when the multi-dimensional attribute was added.

Executive compensation is much the same.  You have a Board or Board Committee on one level, market data on another, possibly shareholders and investors and not to mention the executives themselves!

And it is pretty infrequently that all those stakeholders are on the same line and the same page at the same time!

Columbia Compensation Consulting can help you make sense of the chessboard that is Executive Compensation.  Pay for performance can be a reality no matter how many opinions or options there may be.

Executive Compensation Consulting Services

Working directly with your senior executive teams, Board of Directors and consultants.Proxy research and analysis (i.e., Top 5)Competitive program designs tailored to philosophy, goals and needs.
Conceptualize, prepare and present information for all levels of audience with excellent listening and presentation skills.Total compensation planning tools
Total compensation statements