Sales Compensation

Sales Compensation

For some reason, sales compensation has typically been an area where HR has struggled to play the usual supportive role.  In one sense, there are more cats to herd in sales compensation — not just the traditional market competitive side of compensation, but greater involvement of finance, sales leaders, and marketing and product leaders.

That makes for a complicated process!  On the other hand, there are few areas where HR’s strategic impact can truly be felt as much as with sales compensation plan partnership.

A well-designed sales compensation plan enables your sales force to achieve rewards tied to the business strategy and their individual or team results.  Rewards tied to achievement provide the right focus and reward the right people, especially those over-achievers that you need to keep focused.

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Sales Compensation Consulting Services


Role analysis, classificationExisting plan analysis and trouble-shooting
Commission and bonus designsPlan transition alternatives
Competitive analysis with Top Performer opportunitySPIFF review
Eligibility determinationAnnual plan design team leadership